Hello, my name is Sefira

Hi and welcome to my 100 day project. My name is Sefira and I am an illustrator and designer based in Seattle, Washington. What I initially started as a creative side project called #the100dayproject, has developed into the most inspiring journey I've ever embarked on. 

 Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are the three most known religions of the world, and yet we know so little of each other. Recently, Muslim women who cover their hair have started breaking out into media and pop culture, defying societies norms of beauty and showing that the Hijab can be beautiful. What if I told you that they weren't alone? That women in both Judaism and Christianity also have this practice, and almost for very similar reasons. What started out as a small hobby, interviewing and illustrating local women in my community who practice the age-old tradition of covering their hair, suddenly turned viral.

This is when I realized what my goal is for this project. What if, I can somehow use my illustrating powers to unite all of us, regardless of our beliefs.

I hope my illustrations and the words of these powerful women inspire you, as they have for me. 

I'm currently looking for sponsors!

Please reach out to me if you would like to be a part of something magical.